How call back and FCU's help you save money!!

A fixed cellular unit is exactly that! A unit which is at a fixed location connected to an ordinary telephone.
The unit contains a sim card, this card is the basis of your savings.

There are a number of options available for these sim cards:

Talk 500 - Vodacom - 30 000 free seconds
Corporate 500 - Vodacom 30 000 free seconds

Value 705- MTN 28 988 free seconds

Chat400 -Cell C 24 000 free seconds

The cost of same network cellular calls from one of these sim cards are between R1.28 and R1.45 per minute.
Compared to the Telkom cost of R1.90 per minute and prepaid cell packages ranging from R2.75 per minute
as well as the lower order contractual packages all exceeding R1.35 per minute, this is where you start doing the math!

If you are paying more than R1800 per network Telkom to cell, you will definitley save 20% and because of per second billing on the cellular networks this figure can rise to 30%.

There is no capital outlay to the FCU equipment or installation thereof.
The FCU sim cards are supplied on a 24 month contractual basis.

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